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Oral Conscious Sedation

We offer oral conscious sedation for your endodontic procedure. Our doctors are licensed by the State of California to administer oral conscious sedation for any endodontic procedure. Oral conscious sedation can help reduce any anxiety you may have concerning dental procedures. In addition, since some procedures can last up to two hours, oral conscious sedation can help relax your jaw muscles, which can minimize the amount of soreness you might experience after your procedure.


What is Conscious Sedation?

This type of sedation induces an altered state of consciousness that minimizes pain and discomfort through the use of pain relievers and sedatives. Patients, who receive conscious sedation usually, are able to speak and respond to verbal cues throughout the procedure, communicating any discomfort they experience to the provider. A brief period of amnesia may erase any memory of the procedure.


Who Can Administer Conscious Sedation?

Conscious sedation is extremely safe when administered by qualified providers. Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs), anesthesiologists, other physicians, dentists, and oral surgeons are qualified providers of conscious sedation. Specifically trained Registered Nurses may assist in the administration of conscious sedation.

Who Should Monitor Conscious Sedation?

Because patients can slip into a deep sleep, proper monitoring of conscious sedation is necessary. Healthcare providers monitor patient heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, oxygen level and alertness throughout and after the procedure. The provider who monitors the patient receiving conscious sedation should have no other responsibilities during the procedure and should remain with the patient at all times during the procedure.


Conscious sedation provides a safe and effective option for patients undergoing minor surgeries or diagnostic procedures. The number and type of procedures that can be performed using conscious sedation have increased significantly as a result of new technology and state of the art drugs.


Conscious sedation allows patients to recover quickly and resume normal daily activities in a short period of time.

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